Every year we develop more and more projects. Below is an overview of some recent projects we have achieved over the past two years.

Projects 2015-2016

Opening new shops
In 2015 and 2016, all shops of the students who had got their diplomas were opened with help of the anonymous foundation at B. in The Netherlands.

The display cases and cabinets.
The Jan Schepers Fund donated showcases and shop windows to all the boys who started a shop. Samith’s building was also donated by the fund.
Samith opened his shop along with his mother, who has a small restaurant.

1st mobile phone repair course
This was sponsored by the Foundation ProjectMatigeCharitas at Grubbevorst; it started in 2014 and continued till February 2015.

Water from a depth of 40 meters.
A 40 m deep well pipe was installed in February to get water out of the ground. As long as the pump holds, we hope to have no more water problems. Thanks to the sponsorship of the anonymous Foundation B.

New orthopaedic workshop .

A completely new orthopaedic workshop was realized thanks to the Rotary Club Hockenheim in Germany. New racks were made.

Baking bread.
A new clay oven was created to bake bread. Thanks to Stef Latanofski from England and his sponsors, we were able to accomplish this.
Indika and Chandima in front of the oven.

PMT students Eva Heetkamp and Jeske de Boer paid for the shredder. Now we can shred everything for compost or for the biogas plant. From coconut husks to leaf litter.

Septic tank.
Paid for by PMT students Halbe Jan Douma and Loes Roorda, Eva Heetkamp and Jeske de Boer.

New chairs.
A number of chests, a table and 20 new plastic chairs were donated by Stichting Weeshuis Nijkerk.

Old shed.

Students Joeri van der Horst and Eline Snippe paid for new concrete posts for the existing shed. The wooden poles were completely eaten by ants.

Course in making wheelchairs.

Thanks to the Rotary Club Hockenheim in Germany, Shiran and Madushanka could do a course in Colombo. They learned how to assemble wheelchair components, crutches, a standing table and a walker for small children. Shiran was a welder before he had a motorcycle accident but Madushanka had to learn everything: welding, drilling, woodworking, etc.

The Hockenheim Rotary Club sponsors the orthopaedic workshop and Shiran for 3 years.

2 additional solar panels on the roof.
This could be achieved through a private sponsor.

Mobile phone repair course
Thanks to the sponsorship of the Stichting Louisa we could give a second mobile phone course for eight deaf boys and two girls. It was very successful.

7 months training for girls and women.
A sewing course and food processing for disabled girls and women started June 2015 and ended late February 2016. Physiotherapy, dance classes and swimming lessons were also included. The dance performance they were able to give at the end of the program gave them a lot of self-satisfaction. Stichting L. (anonymous) and World Wide for Children (WWvK) funded the course.

A new concrete path at the entrance.
Stichting Weeshuis (Orphanage Foundation) Nijkerk
gave us a concrete entrance to the physiotherapy accommodation. Now we have no more problems with the tropical rain and mud pools.

A professional sewing machine
Stichting Sri Lanka in Actie gave us a professional sewing machine, which we use for canvas and leather sewing. We need this for the wheelchairs and to make cushions.

A mosaic training
Robert Markey and his wife from the US came over for the 2nd time to give a mosaic training. It was a great success again

3rd mobile phone repair course.

A third course for deaf young people was sponsored by Stichting Project Matige Charitas Grubbevorst.

De large storage is completely renewed.

The Lakeland Foundation has once again provided us with great help to rebuild the barn with sustainable Amana sheets.

Building maintenance.
Part of the building maintenance was sponsored by ASN Bank. Another major part was paid by Action Kluswijzer and Sake Jan and Carla Tilma. Sake Jan also made the racks in the barn.
The maintenance project will last until 2017.

Girl’s and women’s course.

In October 2016, a 14-day shoemaking course started for 20 girls. Provided by Zorg voor de Zaak, who also paid a substantial amount for the exploitation.