On the road to independence

Hellabeem is an internal training and rehabilitation centre in Sri Lanka for young people who are physically disabled and disadvantaged. Hellabeem champions this particularly vulnerable group with a hand up, by offering them a chance to independently and fully participate in society. The years they spend on our campus prepares them in many positive ways for an independent existence. With a little grooming from Hellabeem, their future bursts with promise.

The Hellabeem Foundation is a volunteer organization founded in 2002 that raises funds for the long-term continuation of Hellabeem

Latest news

Regarding the terrorist attacks we want to announce that Hellabeem, pupils and staff are not affected.

Almost every day there is a curfew to prevent riots. Hellabeem school is started last Monday. Not every student has arrived yet but that is not uncommon after holydays. Yet some parents are still afraid and keep their children home. Who wants to keep informed can follow the Daily Mirror …

Soft-toys and paper jewelry training for girls / ladies

Thanks to an anonymous sponsor we were able again to do a training for girls and woman. This enables them to sell soft-toys and jewelry in their neighborhood. Also they got a dancing workshop to relax.

The Medux firm in Utrecht made a big donation in kind.

2 wheelchairs, crutches, tyres and tubes, knee brackets, brakes for wheelchairs, anti decubitus pillows and other pillows. The boys are very grateful to have received this all.